Automotive Service and Repair

Automotive Service and Repair Insurance

If you own or operate a mechanic garage or an auto repair shop, nobody better than you knows the amount of risk involved, which could impact your business severely should an accident involve any of your customer’s cars. Contrarily, having an automotive service and repair insurance policy against all such risks and gives you peace of mind to focus on your key task of fixing or repairing vehicles.

Automotive service and repair insurance policy guarantees protection against the risks your garage faces. This is a type of liability insurance policy that covers auto service and repair centerbusinesses from claims involving vehicles of customers on the company premises. The coverage also protects garage owners against all other risks to which garages are exposed. If a garage employee is accused of negligence in repairing brakes on a customer’s car, which consequently meets with an accident, the incident might put the garage out of business. However, with a proper automotive service and
repair insurance policy, your business is protected against such risks.

Automotive service and repair insurance policy protects garage businesses against:

  • Garage keepers claims involving customer vehicles parked in your garage for service
  • Garage liability involving third party negligence claims, bodily injury, damage to property due to operations involving maintenance, ownership, and use of an insured vehicle
  • Business Auto Claims for all the owned vehicles
  • Property claims for your office building, equipment, inventory, stock, loss of income, employee’s income
  • Workers comp claims, required by law, if you have employees
  • Umbrella liability claims for catastrophic, or large liability losses

Any number and type of incidents can threaten your everyday operations, including fire, weather damage, personal injury, damage to a customer’s vehicle. Automotive service and repair insurance offers complete, affordable coverage for auto service industry shops like yours, which can be used to settle damages and pay for repairs.

Garage Keepers Liability & Dealers Open Lot Coverage

Garage keepers can be one of the most important coverages that a autobody repair or auto service and repair shop can purchase. When you have care, custody and control of a customers vechicle you are responsible if it should be stolen, or damaged. Generally this coverage can constitute the majority of the auto service and repair premium. Dont skimp on this important coverage of you could be left in a financial disaster.


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