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Business Auto Insurance

When you own a business, your time is money. Business auto insurance is designed specifically to help businesses move forward. As a business owner, you may use vehicles to provide mobility for your workers, products, or equipment; therefore, comprehensive business auto insurance is of utmost importance for you to protect vehicles you use for your day-to-day business operations, especially when weather, road conditions, and other drivers are out of your control.

Business auto insurance includes:

  • medical payments
  • auto liability
  • collision coverage
  • coverage for borrowed or rented autos
  • coverage for cars for sale by your business
  • underinsured, uninsured motorist coverage
  • coverage for workers using their vehicles for your business (non owned auto)

Such type of insurance offers coverage against

  • an uninsured driver hitting your car
  • a sudden traffic shift causing loss of control of your car
  • hail or vandalism damaging your vehicle

One accident alone involving your company vehicle and employee can have a significant impact on your financial outlook. Business auto insurance is aimed at protecting your assets if you have employees in the field.  Such insurance policy provides coverage for vans, cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs used for business by you or your employees. Your business owner’s policy does not cover vehicles, so you can either add it to your current business owners policy or purchase a monoline commercial auto policy.

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