Church Insurance

Usually churches are non-profit organizations, but they need church insurance to protect themselves and their members. General liability offers protection for your church as well as your parishioners. This type of policy covers a broad level of protection against unexpected hazards and events.

The owner of the church building should have general liability coverage so that there is a guarantee of financial support when it comes to dealing with emergencies.

General Liability Insurance Includes:

  • Products Liability – If the church sells products for the purpose of fundraising, which later turn out to be hazardous for those who bought them, you might be sued for the damages and injuries. Products liability can cover your legal fees, damages, and legal settlement cost.
  • Premises Liability – If somebody slips and falls on the church premises and injures themselves, requiring care at a hospital, the premises liability can cover those medical expenses of the injured person.
  • Completed Operations – This type of coverage will protect you in case of any injuries or damages to another person who claims that your services caused them harm. This also covers litigation fee and any settlement cost.


• Teachers liability including corporal punishment

• Directors and officers liability

• Clergy professional liability

• Sexual molestation

• Builders risk

• Day care & preschool

• Workers compensation

• Umbrella excess liability

• Boiler and machinery

• Church bus, van or car

• K-9 church sponsored schools

• Employee benefit liability

• Special fine arts

Church insurance is, therefore, important to protect church assets and its employees. A church insurance agent can help you determine the best policy for your ministry. Call us today!


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