Hotel / Motel Insurance

Hotel & Motel Insurance

The hospitality industry has unique insurance needs. If you own and operate a hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast, you need a unique hotel motel insurance that offers coverage for this specialized business, your guests, and your employees. You want to make sure that everybody stays protected against certain losses that might happen at your hotel.

Hotel Motel Insurance Coverage To Keep Your Business Running

  • Protection to the contents of the hotel against damage or loss
  • Protection to the possessions of guests at the hotel or motel
  • Protection against liability resulting from work-related injuries to employees
  • Protection against liability claims made by others as a result of accidental injury within the premises of the hotel or motel
  • Protection of the hotel interest or property in the event of a theft by an employee
  • Protection against the loss of computer data or failure of computer equipment

You may seek additional coverage for service errors, omissions, customer inconvenience, remuneration expenses, and lost master keys. You may also get other important coverage, including loss of refrigeration, food contamination, to make sure your hospitality business is protected in every way.

Hotel Motel Insurance – Protect Your Guests Home Away From Home

The success of a hospitality business depends primarily on effective loss prevention, operating efficiency, and risk management. You can count on us to customize your hotel and motel insurance program to cater to the needs of your individual business and protect it in the event of an eventuality.

California Hotels and Motels rely on our agency for the right protection for their Hotel Insurance policy. We offer additional discounts such as a discount on your workers compensation policy if we insure your hotel or motel. We also offer discounts on our auto and home insurance if we also insure your business.

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