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Restaurant Insurance

If you are a restaurant owner, you must always be covered against any unexpected occurrence – from food spoilage due to breakdown of equipment to injury caused to a customer or employee onsite to damage to building caused by windstorm, rain, fire, hail or any other unexpected event.

Restaurant Owners Insurance Coverage

  • Worker’s comp- Employees can get injured even in the safest and state-of-the-art kitchens and dining rooms. If any employee gets injured during the course of work on the restaurant premises, Worker’s compensation plan will protect the owner from paying for losses or injuries.
  • General liability- If any third party gets injured after slip and fall or sick after eating in the restaurant, this type of coverage will protect the restaurant owner from any such claims.
  • Liquor liability insurance- If a guest has had too much to drink and gets injured while driving, this type of insurance will cover the restaurant owner against such claims.
  • Property insurance- If the restaurant building or equipment is damaged in fire or any other unforeseen event, this type of insurance plan protects the property and provides for damages within the building. However, the plan may not cover damages caused by floods and earthquakes.

The amount of premium the owner must pay for restaurant owner insurance coverage depends on various factors, including cost of running the business, total amount insured, success rate of the restaurant, risks involved, among others.

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