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Why a Personal Agent?
Consumers have many choices on how they obtain professional services like legal, real estate and insurance services. The Internet, toll-free call centers and traditional personal services are the common choices. We think there is room for all forms of access; we are believers in freedom of choice!

Accessing insurance services through a personal agent is not for everyone; some simply prefer the anonymity of the phone or Internet. For those who are open to the idea of having a personal agent here are some reasons why you should consider using us:

  1. Most people don’t understand how insurance policies work so they fall back on the one thing about insurance they do understand – price. If you based your decision primarily on price there is a strong likelihood of an unpleasant surprise should you have to file a claim. We plan for claims before they happen; the whole point of insurance is to protect your current or future wealth from the unexpected. This is also called ‘risk management’
  2. Recent experience with wildfires in Southern California indicates that well over half of homeowners are underinsured. In many cases the result is a financial disaster for the homeowners, so not only do they lose their homes, but sometimes their financial future. We are familiar with rebuilding costs here in Southern California; we educate on policy options and give you peace-of-mind that you have a solid home insurance policy that will be there when you need it most.
  3. A very large percentage of drivers think they have “full coverage” when in fact they have a financial “time bomb” for an insurance policy. Personal liability limits range from $15,000 to over $5 million; most drivers have $100,000 or less which is clearly the lower end of the range. If you have these lower limits, own a home and have decent income you likely have one of these time bombs. Think for a moment what the liability portion of your auto insurance policy would pay in event you caused an accident with injuries: hospitalization/medical costs, possibly for multiple people; legal settlement costs; your legal defense; replacement/repair of vehicles and other property; and, more. We educate clients on the need – and affordability – of higher liability limits.

Why Get Your Insurance from Us?
We all know people who took on home improvement projects themselves only to run into problems and realizing they were in over their heads. That big savings they were going to realize doing the work themselves eventually turned into a project that costs at least 50% more because they had to call in a professional to fix the mess they created. In this scenario most people suffer only a temporary financial set back and a bruised ego.

Making the same “do it yourself” mistakes with your insurance could turn into a financial disaster that you never recover from. We can’t tell you the number of times we offered more coverage at a better price if we are allowed to work our magic – get the right amount of coverage and every possible discount. That’s real value!

Please give us a call and let us sit down with you and do a Farmers Friendly Review. You’ll be glad you did!

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