Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance

Your home is undoubtedly your biggest investment, which must be protected in every way. Mobile home insurance offers protection for your manufactured home, on-site belongings, and adjacent structures not attached to the home, such as shed, garage, and barn, against unexpected loss, damage, and theft.

Need for Insurance for Mobile Home

Any unexpected hazard can ruin your property, causing severe losses that require major repairs or even replacement. Here if you have mobile home insurance coverage, you are protected against most of the damages or losses.

Mobile Home Insurance Policy Coverage

Your policy will cover damages from

  • fire
  • landslide
  • theft
  • vandalism
  • burglary
  • explosion
  • falling objects
  • water backflow from bursting pipes
  • collapse due to snow, ice, hail
  • dye, paint, ink, shoe and nail polish
  • stray animals

Liability coverage protects you if a third party gets hurt or injured on your property and sues you for their damages. The insurance will cover medical expenses of victims, pain and suffering, lost wages, legal cost reimbursement, legal counsel fee, and property damage.

Mobile Home Insurance Coverage

Each policy includes:

  • The policy will cover repair for your mobile home itself
  • Your personal belongings, such as electronics, wardrobes, furniture, appliances
  • Medical expenses for guests injured on your property
  • Protection against suits and verdicts for injuries sustained on your property
  • Additional or temporary living expenses due to home reconstruction or repair

Check the coverage limits and deductibles in a mobile home insurance policy. Prefer a policy with higher limits and lower deductibles.

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