Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance

Under the workers compensation law, workers injured or disabled at the workplace are entitled to receive monetary rewards or compensation for medical cost and wages lost. however, the law eliminates the need for litigation and provides benefits for injured employees and dependents of employees killed due to work-related illnesses, diseases, or accidents.

Types of Workers Compensation Insurance

Also known as workers comp insurance, workmans comp, and work comp, Workers Compensation Insurance is designed to offer monetary compensation for work-related injury, disease, disability, or death. The insurance covers medical expenses, loss of wages associated with the accident. Punitive damages for employer’s negligence and general damages for pain are not covered under workers compensation insurance plans. An injury sustained while an employee travels to and from the workplace is not covered by the workers comp law.

The Workers Comp Law protects am employer from liability. Under this law, a worker gives up their right to sue their employer using the civil court system for the injuries suffered at the workplace and work-related diseases, since employer’s negligence is not a factor in deciding whether a worker will receive benefits even if the employer is at fault for the accident, partially or fully. To qualify for workers’ compensation, the worker must suffer an injury at his place of employment while being engaged in some work-related tasks or performing his or her duties.

California’s Workers’ Compensation Act requires employers to obtain insurance coverage against potential workers comp claims. The act is applicable to most employers and limits the liability of the employer and fellow employees of the injured or deceased worker.

Over the years most employers have complained about the rising costs of workers compensation. The main reasons for the premium increases are skyrocketing medical costs and fraud. Just having the cheapest workers compensation policy does not guarantee you will save money. In fact, it may cost you more! The reason generally lies in the fact that claims need to be handled quickly by the insurer. The longer an employee stays off work the more it can cost the employer. We understand the needs of business owners for superb claims handling and offer in-house claims management. This is another value-added program our policy holders get.

If you qualify for an experience medication based on the size of your payroll, its imperative that you work with an agency that understands what it takes to keep those mods low. We have counseled many businesses on how to proactively work on their safety which in turn affects the modification numbers long term.
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