Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Class car insurance is important and necessary for your most prized possession. More importantly, with antique and exotic cars appreciating at the highest level in years its crucial to have the right type of policy.
Although there are a number of insurance companies offering coverage for your vintage auto or truck, they will place some restrictions upon the vehicle, including where and how the car is stored. Insurance companies will place some restrictions on the usage of the vintage car, some of which are as follows:

The classic car insurance companies require you to keep your priceless treasure locked or garaged when the vehicle is not in a car show.
They may request you to install anti-theft devices on the car.
They may restrict the mileage and put limitations on the number of miles the car is driven. Most of them may request you to ascertain a limited mileage of about 2,500 to 5,000 miles per year, although most people aren’t looking to put more than that many miles a year on a vintage car.
Our agency works with at least 5 carriers that specialize in the classic car insurance marketplace. While premium might vary from one insurance provider to another, it’s very important that you do not place the coverage with a standard car insurance carrier. Insurance quotes for classic cars are often cheaper than that for modern cars, since the former are driven less often and remain in a better condition. Some offer discounts if you can prove you have other ‘daily driver’ vehicles.

We have the cheapest classic car insurance and vintage car insurance available. Often times people will assume incorrectly that if they insure their vehicle on a ‘normal’ insurance policy they will be okay. The problem is that the value the insurance company will offer pales in comparison to the restored value of the vehicle they own and can receive a fraction of the cars value. How is that possible? Because the policies are not on an ‘agreed’ value. They will depreciate the vehicle in the event of a loss and also, the value will be what blue book or similarly used valuation company says the value is. With an agreed value policy, you and the carrier both agree what the value is before you enter a contract. Let us help you get classic car insurance quote today.

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